© 2013 Hector Fernandez

You can preserve the memories of a beloved pet, or perhaps a favorite animal, for a lifetime.  And do it with an original, unique portrait done in scratchboard.


I can complete the scratchboard drawings from printed photographs or from large digital files.  All images submitted, regardless of the format, must be in focus and well lit. The clearer and sharper the image, the better the results will be.

Photographs taken in natural light, and at high resolution are best. Digital images should be a minimum of 1200 pixels in size, and prints should be at least 5"x7" in size. Photographs taken with a flash are usually not appropriate because of the lack of contrast and shadows.
Once I receive and have reviewed the files, I will confirm if the images submitted are satisfactory.  If they are not, your prints and your deposit will be returned.  Most drawings take 4 to 6 weeks to be completed.  All prints will be returned with the finished piece.

Prices quoted are for one animal (or one subject) in the drawing.  Additional subjects and / or complex backgrounds may increase the cost.

Prices are for the board only and do not include any framing or shipping costs, if applicable.

I will confirm the total cost before work is started.   A non-refundable deposit equaling 25% of the quoted cost is due before the portrait is started. This amount will be subtracted from the final cost.

5" x 7" = $250
8" x 10" = $400
11" x 14" = $800
16" x 20" = $1,600
18" x 24" = $2,150

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for more information.

Scratchboard is a black-and-white drawing medium. The board is a wood panel with a thin veneer of fine, white clay covered by a layer of india ink. The drawing surface starts completely black. The drawing is made by scratching white lines through the ink with a sharp tool, such as a scalpel blade, tattoo needle or a scratchboard nib held in a pen holder.  Sandpaper and steel wool can be used to create different effects.  The more lines that are drawn, the brighter the picture becomes.  Color can be added to the scratched areas with inks or watercolor.
A scratchboard drawing is often very highly detailed and can resemble a wood engraving.

Scratchboard is archival.  Finished pieces are sprayed with several coats of a matte finish for protection.